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Dummies come into particularly intensive contact with the delicate, permeable mucous membrane of the baby‘s mouth. This is why the requirements for dummies are particularly high: regarding their safety, the absence of toxic and allergenic substances, their physiological shape and hygiene.
Pure rubber pacifier
All about the Goldi Dummy
Important information for parents!

Why choose pure rubber pacifiers?

The high quality of pure rubber promotes in a baby a feeling of calm and comfort. Pure rubber is a perfect foundation for hygiene because it banishes germs, and because these pacifiers are molded in one piece, there are no joints or cracks where bacteria can accumulate. Also, pure rubber pacifiers are advisable for babies, who already have teeth, because of the material’s resilience which helps prevent breaking off and swallowing of small pieces.

Why is the flat shield important?
Goldi pacifier’s flat shield is instrumental in providing the baby’s mouth and face muscles with much needed freedom of movement. Keep in mind that most pacifiers feature a concave shield, which constrains lip and face musculature. This may result in delayed development of these muscles, as well as inability to satiate the baby’s need to suck and undesirable breathing through the mouth.

Sucking reflex: there is nothing more natural
The sucking reflex and sucking need of infants are natural and indispensable to life. The act of suction, like the act of ingestion, has a calming effect on babies. If the baby needs to suck for a longer time than it takes to satisfy its hunger, the breast feeding mother may find it difficult or painful. However, if at this point the baby is given a bottle with nutritional supplement, there is a possibility that the baby will get used to feeding as a way to self-soothe. Beginning in their 3rd month, babies start sucking on various objects in their immediate vicinity. This developmental phase solidifies the concept of sucking as a way to satisfy the instinctual need without simultaneous digestion of food. As a result, babies often choose their thumbs, which may lead to dental and speech problems later on. Research has shown that toddlers, who were offered a pacifier at the right time, rarely or never suck their thumbs. Another advantage is that parents can always control the usage of a pacifier (since the pacifier can be taken away, and the child’s thumb cannot). Goldi recommends that parents let their babies use the pacifier within reason and wean the child off the pacifier no later than between 2 - 3 years of age.

Which shape of pacifier should I choose?
Goldi pacifiers are helpful in satisfying the need of self-soothing through suction and in preventing possible negative effects on teeth and palate formation created by the baby’s thumb sucking. Sometimes the rounded shape works better for breast-fed babies, because the tongue is positioned under the nipple as it is during breast-feeding, helping prevent nipple confusion. In orthodontic shape, a slant on the tip of the nipple encourages tongue movement against it (as opposed to under it), and the tongue’s pressure is directed towards the tip. About 80% of babies have a habit of moving the pacifiers around in their mouths which is why midwives advise to start them on the rounded pacifier. Goldi makes the rounded nipple model in four different sizes, to grow with the baby. For babies, who are already used to the orthodontic shape with the slanted nipple tip, Goldi offers this pacifier in two different sizes.
Goldi Latex Fopspenen - Zeer Goed zegt Oeko Test
Now available the Goldi pacifier ("Made in EU"): produced from pure rubber from the tree Hevea Brasilienis. This 100% natural pacifier is soft, flexible and free of toxic substances; has no chemical softeners, parabens, PVC, or phthalates; BPA (bisphenol-A) free; non-allergenic and has no artificial coloring. It fulfills the high European safety and quality standard EN 1400. 
Here are several reasons to choose the Goldi dummy for your baby:

1.The entire protective shield is soft, smooth and flat, allowing for free and natural aural muscle activity and development. The shield is larger than conventional pacifier shields in order to prevent the baby from squeezing the flexible material enough to fit into its mouth.The shield will also not leave marks on the baby's face.

2.Since the pacifiers are molded in one piece, the nipple and the shield are connected securely, thus preventing the pacifier from falling apart.

3.The grip ring is soft and comfortable for the baby during tummy time.

4.The nipple is soft, malleable and symmetrical. As a result, the tongue has plenty of room for movement. The rounded nipple model has symmetrical nipple shape, a good imitation of the shape of the mother’s breast.

5.Three large ventilation apertures help prevent skin irritation caused by its prolonged contact with saliva.




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