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Turtle Bags ......... say "no" to plastic bags!      

Inspired by Turtles...Lederschildpad

These ancient creatures were around on the planet when the dinosaurs were here. There are five species of turtles which visit us in the UK. They travel thousands of kilometres in the summer months looking in particular for jellyfish. The most frequently sighted turtles are the leatherback. Tragically the biggest member of the turtle family is prone to mistaking the discarded bags that litter the world's oceans with jellyfish - its only source of food. 

Not just Turtles ...

Plastic affects everything from tiny animals right the way up to giant whales. In fact a sperm whale was recently found with over 200kg of litter in its stomach, including fishing nets, plastic bags and even a plastic comb!

Fantastic Plastic

The plastic bag is highly over specified for the job for which it was designed. Required to serve us for the hour or two it takes us to get our shopping home instead it is expected that the bags will last for hundreds of years. The hazards of the plastic bag do not stop with the turtles. Plastics never fully degrade; plastic bags eventually turn into plastic “dust” which can still be ingested by filter feeding marine animals. Plastic is highly toxic, and toxins in filter feeders are passed up the food chain to the fish and ultimately human consumers.

Until now, no studies were conducted on filter-feeding organisms such as jellies, whose feeding mechanisms do not permit them to distinguish between tiny fragments of plastic debris and plankton, and no studies to assess potential effects on these filter-feeders. It is now known that plastic fragments heavily impact these creatures. When broken into smaller pieces, these tiny plastic fragments accumulate non-water soluble toxicants such as PCB's, and pesticides such as DDT.

Plastic polymers, or tiny plastic resin pellets act as sponges for these chemicals and other persistent organic pollutants, concentrating such poisons up to one million times higher than their concentration in the water as free floating subs. These toxic particles move up the food chain form the small invertebrates and then to fish and then return to us on our plate!

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Turtle Bags Biologisch Katoen

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