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Always well-guarded in the sun - UV protection in a nutshell

- Unprotected children suffer way more from UV rays then grownups.
- Each sunburn seriously damages a child's skin.
- Depending on skin type and intensity of UV radiation 5 to 40 minutes may be more than enough to severely burn your skin, and to cause lasting skin damage.
- „Skin never forgets“ - UV damages add-up during one's lifetime and are known causes for skin cancer.
- Humans take almost 50% to 75% of their lifetime's UV dose before they turn 18 yeras old.
- Most important is timely and effective UV protection.
- We have a special responsibility for our kids!

How to recognise the right protection?
Like in sunscreen ointments the protective effect of clothing is given as UPF, which is the ultraviolet protection factor. The UPF indicates how long - according to one's skin type -
a person could stay out in full midday sun. Dermatologists recommend an UPF of at least 30 or more! High UPF values stated according to the Australian-New Zealand or European standards may be
much lower in real life, as both standards only test the UV protective effects using new textiles. Only the UV Standard 801 tests the UV protetction of textiles under conditions of real-life use. Textiles are washed frequently, streched and tested when wet to simulate normal use. The lowest UPF reached in these test is the value you will see on the UV Protect label attached to the textiles. UV Standard 801 is the only standard to provide reliable information on the UPF to be expected! Find further information at www.uvstandard801.com.

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